• Better To Makeup: The dim light of the bedroom will make applying makeup a bit of a challenge. Stuck the lights to your dressing table mirror will save you from overdone blusher or similar disasters. You will see your make-up and skin better. With the bright light do your own makeup!
  • Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature: The dressing table mirror has 10 levels of the brightness and 3 different tones of lights: day light, warm light and natural light. You can freely switch the brightness and the light color by the controller which has the program memory to maintain the mode you set originally.
  • Mirror Decoration: The vanity mirror lights has 12 LED bulbs in total which can be stuck well on your makeup mirror. Each bulb has enough distance which is suitable for most shapes of dressing table mirror. The wire can be hidden by rotating the wire in the bulb bases to keep your mirror neat.
  • Stick Frimly: The bath mirror lamps can be stuck on the mirror firmly with the double sided tapes. Once stuck to a mirror, they won't fall or slide off in the several years, even on a bathroom mirror, which will get really steamy after a shower. There are also 12 extra stickers as the backup.
  • Light & Easy Installation: With this hollywood mirror lights, you are the DIY master at your own home. Each lamp with small size is very light. These lights are easy to install stick to glass, wooden or metal surface.

Tomight Vanity Mirror Lights 12 LED Bulbs, Hollywood Mirror Lights for Dressing