First Release Date: May 20th, 2020


UPGRADED HONEYCOMB DESIGN: Made of ultra-flex polymer, the three-dimensional honeycomb double-layer design of the gel seat cushion fits your tailbone and shape, absorbs pressure points, greatly increases air circulation, and keeps the touch cool and comfortable.


PRESSURE RELIEF:The advanced column buckling technology disperses the pressure evenly and eliminates the pressure on the uncomfortable point. This unique structure relieves the pain of the tailbone, buttocks and lower limbs caused by long-term stress.


RESILIENT & DURABLE: Cooling gel material has high elasticity and strong plasticity, can maintain its original shape for a long time, will not be deformed by folding and extruding, and not lose support even if it is used for a long time.


COMFORT COOLING: No more sweat on the seat! Unlike ordinary memory foam chair cushions and foam seat cushions, this novel cushion can well avoid sweat accumulation due to long sitting.The hollow honeycomb structure can accelerate the built-in air circulation, physically cool the body feel, and stay comfort cooling.


WASHABLE:Our gel cushion comes with a non-slip cover to help fix the cushion and prevent dust, and is easy to remove and wash. It is suitable for most chairs in offices, cars and homes, and also suitable for people who usually sit for a long time in the office or home or need to drive for a long time.


Tomight Gel Seat Cushion, Breathable Office Chair Cushion for Pressure Relief Ta