Unique Lipstick Shape Catches People's Attention: Attractive lipstick appearance can increase your fashion attributes. Besides, using eco-friendly reusable straws is a kind of concrete support for reducing plastic waste and saving our planet.
The Silicone Head Prevents Your Teeth from Colliding With the Metal Straws: Do you like bite the straws? Tomight reusable metal straw can satisfy you as it wears a soft silicone head. It maintains biting requirements like plastic straws, and is stronger than paper straws, making it a good alternative to plastic or paper straws.
Safety First : NON-TOXIC, Dishwasher Safe. Tomight lipstick straws are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, no color layers. It doesn't smell, and will not affect the taste of the drink. All you can feel is the original taste of the drink. Please feel free to enjoy your cold / hot drink with our metal straws.
Telescopic Straws Can Avoid Accidental Injuries Especially for Kids Using. The length of straws can be adjusted from 3.15 to 8.26 inch ( 8 - 21cm ), which allows it to be applied to different heights of cups, glasses and tumblers. Lipstick case make the reusable straws an elegant ornament. You can place it in your pocket or bag, and carry it wherever you go, like Family Party, Bar Party, Picnic, Date and etc.
Easy to Clean: There is a telescopic steel cleaning brush be placed in the center of the straw, you can completely clean the inside of the straws with this brush.

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